Happy ‘Normal’ Day

To be honest, there are so many thoughts that are running on my mind right now. And at the same time, receiving birthday wishes from people makes me feel weird (Yes, ‘normal’ day means birthday, to me at the very least).


I do not know since when the change in my mindset has begun as I was normally excited to celebrate birthdays with people and treated birthday as a ‘special’ day. No longer anymore. Birthday is simply just a normal calendar day that we have put a label on it ourselves. Somehow, this label screams significance and reinforces the idea that it is worth celebrating for. From enjoying ancient customs to having family meals to organizing a grand birthday party, the significance of birthdays have started to lose its meaning. What’s more interesting about such occasions are, we regard the age of 16, 21, 30, 50 or 100 as a grand occasion, but why? Is it because those are the start of an era when we step up to become a mature person or an adult in the eyes of the society? Or is it because one has lived half or the whole century, even though they are living it miserably? Well, not all live miserably, but when you are at the age of 100, most of your friends are already waiting for you on the other side (I am not sorry for saying this).

Writing about this on the day of my normal day may mean bad luck but I stand for the cold hard truth. By saying this, I feel like an elderly woman and I apologize to my mother whom I share the same birth date with. Because of her, I have to endure the torturous period of celebrating birthday and eating cakes. Making her happy by celebrating with her is the minimal I can do for her. What is my wish? Who knows? We, humans, have plenty of desires to fulfill, and thus, choosing one for our birthday wish sounds impossible for me.

To conclude this apathetic post, happy ‘normal’ day to everyone who are born today. While you are still young, grab that figment of your definitions and cherish the memories made on that annual occasion. At least, with your loved ones together.


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