May in Seoul – Part 2

Yeouido Hangang Park (여의도한강공원)


Direction: Yeouinaru Station Exit 2 or 3

Since it was the weekend, I visited the Yeouido Hangang Park to catch a glimpse of the Han River but the crowd caught me off the guard. There were a lot of families, couples, and students doing camping, having picnic or listening to live music performances.  I heard one can rent to ride a bicycle for 3,000 KRW per hour.

This was one of my favorite places to go to during the trip in Korea. Not only it was calm, just sitting by the side refreshed me. I sat there for about 1 hour before leaving. Everyone looked so happy as well. The performances were enjoyable too. What was disappointing to me were the amount of flyers and rubbish left on the grass patches and grounds.

Mr Ham

The best performance was ‘The Happening Show’ by Mr Ham. It was comical and interesting. At first, I don’t even know who he was but his performance was so captivating and he was so cute in the performance, I took a picture with him (seen as my featured photo for this post). Then, I realized he is actually a street performer who performs in other countries as well. I wish I can watch his performance live again.

Do support him if you see him one day!

His Facebook Page:

His Youtube Channel:

His Official Site:

Ewha Womans University (이화여자대학교)


Direction: Ewha Womans University Station Exit 2 and 3

Stepping into one of the prestigious universities in Seoul, I wished this was my school instead. The campus size and the architecture of the buildings simply wowed me. Maybe if I am interested one day, I should go for this university during my Summer semester.

Haneul (Sky) Park

Say hello to 291 steps of stairs



Direction: World Cup Stadium Station. Follow the signs.

Literally, Sky Park is located on top of a hill to provide sky views. Sky Park is one of the five smaller parks of World Cup Park. The other four parks are Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park, Noeul (Sunset) Park, Nanjicheon Park, and Nanji Hangang Park.

You have to take 291 steps of stairs up to the sky park.

It was early in the morning so what I found were some elderly and workers at the park. In fact, a middle-aged woman told me that this park is more popular at night for couples. Even though there wasn’t a lot of sights of people, it provides a great view for flowers and comfortable solo walk.

Myeong-dong 명동/Hongdae홍대

Myeong-dong street


Cultural Performance outside Myeong-dong Theatre


Can’t believe they have this store in Hongdae!


Well, shopping is a must in Seoul especially in Myeong-dong. It sells super affordable cosmetics products than anyone in Singapore. I can see why a lot of Singaporeans go to South Korea to buy cosmetics products.

Food in South Korea

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In summary, this trip to South Korea was a memorable one. Despite the fact that my friend persuaded me not to go for the trip due to the tension between USA and North Korea, the atmosphere in South Korea was very calm. There was no tension.  The culture in South Korea was truly interesting. As a student learning Korean language, the trip served as a challenge when it comes to probing questions or making small talks in Korean. Even though the Koreans complimented on my skill, I stuttered and failed to speak as fast as them. Now, it has served as a motivation to start brushing up on my conversational skill again. If I have a chance to go to South Korea again, I hope it will be a solo trip to other provinces such as Jeju Island, Jeonju, and Daegu etc. Visiting Paju or the Demilitarized Zone would be a great idea too. It was my initial idea for the trip but I had to cancel it due to the cost and the risk my mother ‘claimed’ it has.

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