Busan 1- Day Trip

As mentioned previously, I would do an update on my recent trip to Korea. Here it is……

A one-way KTX high-speed rail train ticket from Seoul to Busan will cost 59,800 KRW and takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes typically. If you are planning your itinerary, you may check out the departure times on its official site, KORAIL. And if you are traveling in groups, I would suggest booking it in advance but do read the FAQs first. If not, you can purchase the ticket on the day itself. There are several stops in between Seoul and Busan. If you do not want to visit Busan, you can visit Daejeon or others. Board the train at least 15 minutes before departure. Similar to Shinkansen in Japan, the train leaves on time.

In addition, KORAIL provides a tourist rail pass for foreigners. Just like JR Pass, KORAIL Pass (KR Pass) allows unlimited travel on KORAIL-managed trains and it comes in different duration type of pass.


The interior of the train looks just like the one in the movie, ‘Train to Busan’. If you have not watched it, please do watch it because it is spectacular! The seats are very comfortable and you can charge your phone beside your seat, so it was a pleasant trip. Free WiFi is provided too!


Situated 2 minutes away from Choryang Station and 10 minutes away from Busan Station, this accommodation is perfect for up to 4 people. The host is very friendly to store our luggage before the check-in time. There are several convenience stores opposite from the listings so if you are looking to have a quick check-in after your KTX trip, this is perfect. One night for three people costs around 67 SGD. More information can be found here.


Gwangalli Beach (광안리해수욕장)


This beach is less crowded compared to Haeundae Beach and it has great night view! There are plenty of restaurants with great sea view to dine in too!

Busan Gamcheon Culture Village (부산 감천문화마을)


Directions: Take the subway train to Toseong Station and follow the signs to exit the station and to the bus stop. Take the Gamcheon Culture Village bus and you’ll be there in less than 15 minutes! I wouldn’t suggest walking because it will take around 20 minutes and along the way, there are steep slopes. Save the energy for touring the village instead!

This village would probably be the most popular attraction in Busan! Due to its attractive and bright colors, it is easily inked into your memory and let’s be honest, it makes a great Instagram post. I spent around 2 to 3 hours in this place to admire the mural arts and snap numerous photos. Till today, I am wishing that I am at there because such beautiful houses and view do not exist in Singapore.

Moreover, this sightseeing place was the highlight of my trip because I had an encounter with Kyuhyun (규현) from Super Junior. It was 16th May and as I was touring around the village, I looked up and saw several balloons were floating in the air. Turned out those came from the rooftop of a cafe and there were several cameras filming a guy.

Kyuhyun encounter
This is what I took

As the sun was too bright and I did not wear my pair of spectacles, I could not see the face clearly, and thus, failed to recognize the person until the next day. My friend looked at my photo and identified it as Kyuhyun. Shocked, I scrolled through the pictures of him under the hashtag on Instagram.  These are what I found:


I WAS SO STUPID, RIGHT? I was screaming and regretting for not staying longer to see his face! For the entire train trip back to Seoul, I was complaining to my friends about the regret. He was actually shooting for the new music video for his final single before enlistment.


Please support and listen to his song because he will be on hiatus till 2019!! The link for MV is here.

Overall, you can feel the tranquil in Busan compared to Seoul. It is a quick and relaxing getaway from your stressful life. Furthermore, if you are learning Korean language, you can sense the difference between Seoul accent and Busan accent. There are other places you may visit such as Jalgachi Market or BIFF Plaza, so please do so if time permits.

Read Part 1 of my Korea Trip on N Seoul Tower, Bukchon Hanok Village, Gwanghwamun Gate/Gyeongbokgung Palace, Common Ground, Cheonggyecheon Stream, and the one and only sheep cafe, Thanks Nature Cafe.

Read my next Part 2 post on Ewha Womans University, Yeouido Hangang Park, Haneul (Sky) Park, Shopping in Myeongdong/Hongdae, and food I had in South Korea.


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