Poems for Philosophy

Never had I imagined myself coming up with a poem when I am exhausted at late nights. These poems are quite bad to me, but I tried.

1st One (I was facing difficulties with my module, Philosophy)

Philo philo, why are you doing this to me?

Stop playing with my thoughts and drugging me to sleep.

I shall love you so please help me.

Philo philo, please embrace me as I approach you with care.

Don’t leave me hanging because you dare.

Philo philo, I shall sleep as you are somewhere far away from me.

We are not meant to be, but we are stuck to be.

2nd One: 

A girl who challenges

A boy who accepts

The challenge will bear till one of them falls from the chair.

3rd One (It was a random poem I created and told my friend)

A boy who is shameless

A boy who likes to nag

A boy who is reading this is a perfect example of a fag.

I found a nice place in school to sit and ponder about all the shits in your life. The existence of cameras and passer-by shall not be a nuisance once you’re engrossed in your thoughts 🙂


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