Amerra’s 21st Birthday

One of my closest friends, Amerra is continuing her further studies in Australia from early February onward. And since this girl’s birthday is in the late Feb, her secondary school friends and polytechnic friends decided to throw a surprise party together on 14th January.

We started preparing from December but due to my mistake for sending the message in the wrong group, she knew about the surprise party plan (OOPS). Thank goodness, she did not know when, where and who. Regardless of her pleas to abort this plan, we were determined to do it anyway.

cq5dam.thumbnail.540.296 (1)cq5dam.thumbnail.540.296

We chose Park Royal Beach Road for its convenient location. (Nearest MRT : Bugis and Nicoll Highway)

The staffs and hotel’s environment were pleasant for the guests. When I made a phone call to make an inquiry few days before the reservation, I revealed that it was for my friend’s birthday. Upon my entry, there was a card and a slice of cake prepared on the table. (How nice of them)


One thing I was disappointed in was the check-in policy. For your information, I was born in May 1996 which makes me legally 21 years old as of 2017. However, the hotel’s policy looks at the birth month of the person who’s doing the check-in. Eventually, I had to call my friend who was in the middle of doing errands to drive to the hotel, and help to do check-in first. I was really upset because they did not state on their website or during the reservation process or the phone call.


Our beloved friend, Amerra


Eventually, I can say the surprise was a success because she had no idea that she was lured by her friend’s story and we were hiding somewhere.

To Amerra, if you are reading this, you’ll be in Australia having your first day of school. Regardless of the situation, I believe you, a social butterfly, will do well as usual. Congrats on being the first person I dedicated a post to. 🙂 This year marks the fifth year of our friendship too.

Despite of the letter you gave, I was happily sorry that I lied to you for a month behind your back , but I’m glad that you had a great time on those two days. Thank you for giving me the chance to participate in a 21st birthday and hotel staycation.

Since I’m running out of words, I shall say have fun in Australia. Go enjoy and attend concerts like Ed Sheeran, One Direction or any cool events that Singapore fails to organise. HAHAHA. Make wonderful memories and a beautiful chapter for yourself only..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love you! ♥ #willwaitforthedayyoureturn #remainincontactok?


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