Park Bo Gum’s SG Fan Meeting

After months of waiting, I finally saw my beloved celebrity! When the ticket sales opened, I remembered the excitement and frustration I had due to the fact that I was in Japan. From requesting a favor from my friend to receiving the real ticket in my hand was so exhilarating.


I was planning to go alone since my friends were not his fans. Even better, this marked my first experience participating in a fan meeting. However, through Korean Culture & Language Program (CAL-KR) organised by my institution, I met a friend who was planning to attend this event. She sure had some extraordinary luck. By participating in #ViuParkBoGum giveaway, she won a free pair of CAT1 tickets and the chance to take a group photo with Park Bo Gum. With a new friend found, going for the fan meeting did not seem to be that lonely after all.

Finally, D-DAY arrived. Surrounded by strangers in my section was not awkward after the show started. Our love and concern for Park Bo Gum tied us close together. I shall let the pictures to speak for me.  I apologized for the bad quality since my seat was not placed directly in front of the stage.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Left side : Song Joong-Ki’s chicken claywork

Right side : Park Bo Gum’s chicken claywork

Park Bo Gum’s claywork was ended up given to a male fan. HAHA


Thank you, Song Joong-Ki for supporting Bogummy! It was great to see you back in Singapore. Even though it was a short appearance, we enjoyed your presence. Please come back and organize your own fan meeting please! 감사함니다.♥

BoGummy, thank you for entertaining, and bringing smiles and laughter to us, your fans. To be honest, the moment you smile, we automatically smile too 🙂 None of us had expected the amount of things you prepared for us. From talking about your times in Singapore, singing OST songs from your dramas, interacting with your friends and Joong-Ki till having your thank-you speech. After three hours of the show, you were willing to high-five everyone! It must be tiring for you, but you continued to smile and greeted every one of us. When I saw you, and said “you’ve worked hard”, you replied, “Thank You” back in English.

Please come back again, and if I have a chance, I want to take a picture and receive a hug from you! Love you forever! 수고했어요. 사랑해~♥

Currently, I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms from the fan meeting, smiling at my pictures of him at my free time.



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