Trip to Japan – Tokyo (Last Part)

20161204_110209(0)Taking the bullet train (shinkansen) from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo was an interesting experience. Not only it was fast, I got a great view of the scenery outside including Mount Fuji during the 2 hours 30 minutes journey.


Tokyo Tower

It’s a pity their Special Observatory 250 metre is closed for renovations but tourists are still welcome to visit their Main Observatory 100 metre for sightseeing.

Cafe is available at the Main Observatory so do sit down and admire the beautiful night view.

Direction : 5 min walk from Akabanebashi Station (Akabanebashi Gate)

Fee : 900 yen (main observation deck)

Website : Tokyo Tower

Shibuya & Center Gai

Shibuya Crossing is conveniently located outside of Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station. And on the other side of the exit, Center Gai is located too. This place, well, I could say it’s more like a night street with pubs and restuarants.

Asakusa & Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree



With a height of 634 metres, it is the tallest structure in Japan and second tallest tower in the world. The view from Tokyo Skytree was more crazier and spectacular than at Umeda Sky Building. It overlooks the whole Tokyo where you can recognise Shibuya or Shinjuku at a far glance. And if you’re lucky, you may spot Mount Fuji as well.

Similarly, they have a cafe at the observatory so if you plan to sit down and enjoy the view over a cup of coffee, there you have it.

Received a new IPhone 7, my brother was scared to go near the glass panes to take photos. Thus, I took his phone to capture the view while at the side, he was fearing I would drop it. (There are grounds and glass panes)

Direction : Oshiage Station or Tokyo Skytree station

Fee : 3000 yen

Sensoji Temple
Nakamise Shopping Street

If you are visiting Tokyo Skytree, why not visit Asakusa as well? Sensoji Temple is open for free admission and a shopping street, Nakamise , is located just right outside the temple. With various street foods and souvenirs being offered, I had a lot of fun at this place.

Direction : Short walk from Asakusa Station

Tokyo Imperial Palace/Garden


To tour the inner palaces, you need to apply for a guided tour online and do so one month before the tour date. I tried applying for the next day and it was all full. I returned back to Singapore with a heavy heart.

Directions : 10 minute walk from Tokyo Station

Meiji Shrine

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Directions : Few steps from Harajuku Station or Meiji-jingu-mae Station

Shinjuku & Harajuku

Takeshita Street

20161207_13153920161207_135739Located right outside of Harajuku Station, it is a one-stop shopping street for all tourists especially students and young adults. You will pass by a Daiso shop too. Go in and see what’s the difference between the local Daiso and Daiso in your country. Of course, once you go in, you may find yourself leaving the shop with some goodies.

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After half day of walking and stuffing food into our mouths, we decided to go somewhere unexpected – Shinjuku-ward Chūō Library. It wasn’t any magnificent architecture or famous tourist attraction but it was a wonderful experience and break to take in the afternoon. It is located near Takeshita Street.

Despite the amount of Japanese books you can find, you’ll be able to find some English and foreign books at one floor. We spent an hour sitting down and flipping through some pages. My brother was reading on the ways how to improve his Japanese language while I was looking for motivation and interesting books.

Chuo Library


Shinjuku Kinokuniya

Mega Tokyo Pokémon Center

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This place was my paradise. Look at those Pikachus in different costumes and sizes. There were so many Pokemons in this shop and I couldn’t stop squeaking at every cute Pokemon I caught my eyes on.

Direction : Sunshine City Alpha, Ikebukuro Station.

Cup Noodle
My loots



Other than Den Den Town, this was another paradise for all otakus especially to my brother. Even though Akihabara is more like an electronic town, it is becoming an anime paradise.


My brother’s loot

Traveling to Japan was a good decision because I was able to witness the late autumn leaves and experience the wind from early winter season. Their transport systems are really confusing and yet fascinating. Their punctuality really impressed me. In addition, the services in restaurants are top-rated. Not only they treat their customers fairly, they put in a lot of effort in the  preparation of their food.

I will definitely go back to Japan especially Kyoto and Osaka area and stay at Kaname-san’s place. Shall end my post here.


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