Trip to Japan – Hakone (Part 4)

One should not miss the trip to Hakone when he or she is in Japan. 

It can be completed in 6 hours

Taken from this website

Hakone Freepass allows tourists to travel Hakone freely and conveniently. For 2 days departing from Shinjuku, it costs 5,140 yen and for 3 days, it costs 5,640 yen. If you are planning to head straight to Hakone-Yumoto and not Odawara, pay a surcharge fee of 890 yen to board Odakyu Limited Express “Romancecar”. It will take around 80 – 100 minutes. Refer to Odakyu website.

Alternatively, you can reserve the train tickets from the site.

In addition, they provide all kinds of economical excursions tickets such as Fuji Hakone Freepass (3 days)

Collecting your Hakone FreePass and making enquries on Hakone or Fuji area can be done at Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center. Exit from West exit of Shinjuku Station and take the escalator up and you’ll see it on your left.


Hakone Shrine


While waiting for sightseeing cruise ship’s arrival, we visited Hakone Shrine which was located 10 minutes walk away. Compared to other shrines or temples, it was relatively small and quiet. Along the way, there are a couple of shops to look at.

Lake Ashi

Owakudani- Hakone Yumoto

Taking the Hakone Ropeway


You can see Mt Fuji from here.


Gora Park
Taking the cable car


Hakone Yuryo



Ending the day by visiting Hakone Yuryo. After a long day, I felt tired, restless and my clothes felt icky too. It’s a must to visit hot springs in Japan and it’s part of their culture that clothes are not permitted in their baths. Taking a public bath will cost less than 1500 Yen. As much as I want to try immersing in their culture, I can’t get over the factor of baring my body in front of all ladies. Thus, we booked a private room for an hour.( Type 2 – 4400 Yen)

The water was really boiling hot. Initially, I retreated when dipping my legs in but after a few times,  I got used to the temperature and environment. All I want was to stay there and end my tiring night.

Even though it was a short experience, I felt the difference. Never had I been so rejuvenated after the bath! Despite my weariness, it was refreshing. I recommend everyone to try taking a hot spring bath. Public or private bath?  Up to you and your budget.

Hakone Yuryo is located at Hakone-Yumoto station. They provided a 3 min shuttle bus ride from the station to their hot springs. Definitely the place to go to end your day.


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