10 Days in GuangZhou & Hong Kong (Part 1/2)

After landing in Singapore , I left for GuangZhou and HongKong within two weeks.This time, I was following my uncle who was on a business trip. Thus, his company paid for the hotel charges.


Flight wise, I have to pay from my own pockets. My cousin and I took Scoot Airline starting from 20th Dec and returning from 29th December. Total flight charges were SGD 766.52.

 Guangzhou, China

My cousin and I stayed at DoubleTree by Hilton. The lobby looked fancy till the extent that I couldn’t imagine of staying at this luxurious hotel.


One thing I love about China is the price of their items. They sold food or shopping gadgets at an affordable price. Sometimes,  I feel that the price is absurdly cheap.


Beijing Road

No, this street is not in BeiJing.

This street is extremely crowded considering the amount of malls and restaurants here. Do visit MINISO and you can purchase goods with top quality at an affordable price.

Baiyun Mountain (White Cloud Mountain)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are two routes you can reach the top.

  1. Taking the inclining stairs to the top (It is tiring so do drink lots of water)
  2. Taking a cable car or sightseeing bus

From 28th to 29th Dec, we returned from Hong Kong and spent a night in Ascott Serviced Apartments Guangzhou.


Previously mentioned, the food in China are affordable but at the same time, the portion is crazily huge.

What fascinates me the most is the single train journey ticket.


No, this is not a gambling chip, I swear. I was completely shocked to see something so small to work on the gantry machines.


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