10 Days in GuangZhou & Hong Kong (Part 2/2)

From 23rd Dec to 28th December, we spent our days in Hong Kong. My cousin and I took the train from Guangzhou East Railway station to Hung Hom MTR (Hong Kong). This took around 2 hours but do reach there 1 hour before your departure time to clear the immigration process.

For the first night in Hong Kong, we spent it at Micro Hotel 


To add on, the hotel surroundings look dark and shady at night so if you are a female solo traveler, I will not suggest this place unless you plan to stay in the room all night.


For the remaining nights, my uncle joined us from Guangzhou and the three of us stayed at Rosedale Hotel Hong Kong  . Situated at Olympic MTR, it provides a direct access to the Hong Kong International Airport and Disneyland. To those who wishes to go to the city but fearing the amount of train transfers, do not fret because you can walk to Mong Kok MTR from the hotel in 10 to 15 minutes.

Lion Rock


When you want to go hiking in Hong Kong, you may have heard places such as Dragon Back. However, there is Lion Rock too. It is not that mainstream popular yet.

The first thing on Christmas Day was to go for hiking at Lion Rock.  The whole journey was just inclining slopes and stairs. In addition, the route was pretty narrow and without fences so climbing up was tremendously difficult and dangerous if one was not careful enough.

For directions on how to go to Lion Rock , refer to this. It is very useful.

I suggest to start the hike from Wong Tai Sin MTR in the morning because the hiking trail will take around 3 to 4 hours. This hike is suitable for those who have done a lot of stairs and uphill climbing.

Sai Kung 


Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark


Hong Kong UNESCO Geopark is vastly huge with sightseeing spots in the ocean etc. We visited the East Dam of the Geopark.

To get to this place, you need to go to Sai Kung first by taking the bus 92 from Diamond Hill MTR. From Sai Kung, grab a taxi and you’ll reach in 30 minutes (HKD 120).

Getting to this place was easy but getting out was relatively difficult. This was because this Geopark is out of the city area so no cabs will drive past unless new tourists are arriving. And this means you could take the cab and get out from that place.

I reached the place at 3pm and by 4pm, the taxi queue was increasing with no sight of incoming cabs. Most of the people booked a cab via a call or the taxi app. However, for the foreigners, this poses a problem because we may not have a local number. By 6pm, we gave up waiting and shared a cab with a couple and luckily , the vehicle could accommodate 5 people.

Alternatively, you can choose to walk back to Sai Kung however, it will take you around 2 to 3 hours which is not recommended especially at night.

I recommend signing up for their guided tour at Hong Kong UNESCO Geopark Volcano Discovery Centre because it includes transport.  On the other hand, you may sign up and pay for a boat ride or tour at Sai Kung Pier.

Lan Kwai Fong/Central 


My cousin and I spent one of our nights at Lan Kwai Fong, doing a bit of shopping and looking at the menus of the pubs/restuarants. Eventually, we settled at this pub named Brewdog. Their menu (from the picture above) was strangely interesting.

The staffs were unbelievably friendly too. Upon seeing the two of us standing outside and looking at their menus, one of the staffs gestured to us to come in and he passed us a glass of few sips of Dugges: Tropic Thunder to try. Even when we said we’ll go look around at other places, they smiled.

Eventually, we returned to their pub and this time, the same staff handed us a glass of few sips of Punk IPA. We decided to order Punk IPA and Tropic Thunder after the sample tasting.

Trip back to GuangZhou

On the 28th, we took the same train back to Guangzhou East Railway Station.



This was the second time I was in Hong Kong and fourth time I was in China. The first time I was in Hong Kong was mentioned in this post.

Fortunately, with the given amount of  freedom, I was able to visit totally different places from my previous trip. This experience will never be forgotten and I  will come back to Hong Kong again.

Next time, I will visit Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Lamma Island and Lantau Island.

I shall end my final post here. It won’t be anytime soon to embark on another new journey since school is starting at the end of this month. Perhaps, if you see my post, it will be something that shall happen in my life. 🙂

—————-Waiting to cross out more countries in my bucket list. ————–


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