Trip To Japan – Osaka (Part 2)

A trip that I will return back to again. 

JR Ticket Office at Kansai Airport

Located at 2nd level of the airport, you can access immediately via an escalator after exiting the arrival hall. It is the place where most tourists purchase their Haruka train tickets, JR Pass or other types of tickets/passes first. There will be a lot of people (A LOT) so do expect some waiting time and a long queue.

If you are collecting your ICOCA & Haruka just like me, head up to second floor and line up to collect your tickets.

Platform for Haruka Train
Card designs

NOTE : Trains in Japan are well-known for their punctuality. So if the ticket says the train is leaving at 6.17pm, it really leaves at that timing.

Umeda Sky Building


At first, it hurt me to spend 1000 yen on some scenery sightseeing but when I reached the top of the building, my mind changed. It was not some stupid or time-wasting sightseeing activity but beautiful, chilly and spectacular place to be at. It was pretty cold at night and standing at there while the wind was blowing against me, all I want was to stay there forever and overlook the entire Osaka region.

Direction : 10 – 15 minutes from Osaka/Umeda Station.

Fees : 1000 Yen

Website : Sky Building’s Floating Garden

Osaka Castle


The sightseeing place is at the top floor while the rest are just museum. Of course, if you are going to pay 600 yen, why not just spend some time reading History first ?  There will be a long queue at the elevator so some people will just climb the stairs.

Fee : 600 yen


  • Tanimachi 4-chrome Station along the Tanimachi Subway Line and Chuo Subway Line
  • Osakajokoen Station on the JR Loop Line

Fee : 600 Yen

Website : Osaka Castle English Site

Shitennoji Temple


Compared to other shrines/temples, the environment of this temple was rather quiet and the size was small as well. If you are passing by , you may come to this temple and take a look.

Fee : 300 Yen

Directions : Short walk from Shitennoji-mae-Yuhigaoka Station or JR Tennoji Station.



Restaurants & shops are available here which you can visit after Shitennoji Temple via a walk. From Shitennoji Temple, you will pass by Tennoji Park where you can rest near the river or visit Tennoji Zoo which is located opposite Shinsekai.

Direction :

  • Shin-Imamiya Station on the JR Loop Line
  • Dobutsuen-mae Station on the Midosuji and Sakaisuji Subway Lines
  • Ebisucho Station on the Sakaisuji Subway Line.




A must-to-go place for those who are visiting Osaka. It’s a famous food street which is best seen at night. At there, you will never go hungry or bored because there are so many tourist streets to visit such as Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, Amerikamura, Den Den Town.

Direction : 5 minute walk from Namba Station on Subway Midosuji Line (exit No.14)

Website : Dotonbori

Kuromon Market


Accessible from Dotonbori via a walk or exiting from Nippombashi Sta.exit No.5 and 10.If you are going to this place, do visit during daytime. When I went past evening, most of the shops were closed. There is a Takoyaki shop near the entrance of the market, and wow, it was hot and delicious. Thumbs up!

Den Den Town


A paradise for those otaku/anime lovers. Tokyo has Akihabara while Osaka has Den Den Town. Maid cafes are also available over here too. It was amazing to see all kinds of anime culture eg manga, games, CD players or figurines to be sold in one shop. To my brother, it was literally a paradise. He spent up to 2 hours in one shop and if I was not there, he could spend half day or whole day in that street.


This was my favorite thing to do in Japan – claw machines. Unlike Singapore, Japan has a huge number of claw machines & arcades. One level is for electronics/plush toy (There was PIKACHU) while one level is for anime figurines. One try costs 100 Yen and six tries cost 500 Yen.

One box of anime figurine costs more than 2000 yen and if it’s limited/new, the price is way higher. The highest I have seen in a shop was up to 20,000 Yen.  Therefore, my brother and I tried to play because we saw a figurine my cousin wanted. We tried about 12 times and got it! No words could explain our happiness.


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Food in Japan are relatively same as Singapore which makes it one of the expensive countries to visit, I believe. Ramen in Japan costs above 1000 yen and street foods cost up to 500 yen. However, if you do spend some time walking around, you may find delicious ramen that costs less than 1000 yen. And what I love about ramen restaurants near my accommodations, they open till late.



Another thing about convenience is vending machines. They have all kinds of beverages in one machine ranging from hot to cold. Instead of going to market or super-mart, I can get a can/bottle of various kinds of milk tea, coffee, water. Wish this exists in my country especially the liquor vending machine.

Sorry for the bad photography. It was taken by my brother.

Convenience shops in Japan is one of the best places that one must go for the sake of experience. They have sandwiches, bentos (packed lunch), noodles, curry or bread available for buy and go. I spent almost every morning during my trip eating bread or bentos from convenience stores. Why?

  1. It is simple and delicious
  2. It is cheap. 🙂
  3. The staffs will help to heat your food.

Economical Tickets/Pass

  • Kansai Thru Pass 2-day/3-day

Best tourist pass for those who are intending in Kansai Area for 2 to 3 days. Kansai Area includes Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama and Koyasan.

2-day Pass: Adult 4,000yen, Child 2,000yen
3-day Pass: Adult 5,200yen, Child 2,600yen

Kansai Thru Pass : Link

  • Osaka Amazing Pass (Osaka Area)

For those visitors who stay in the Osaka city area for more than one day and visit charged facilities.

1-day Pass: 2,300yen (adults only)
2-day Pass: 3,000yen (adults only)

Osaka Amazing Pass : Link

I shall end my post here. Next post shall be about Kyoto.

Part 1 about my trip to Japan :  Click here 

Instagram : _sherylee


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